Non-Regionally Accredited Course Work

Effective Spring 2019

The University of Arizona will review course work from non-regionally accredited institutions if the institution is Nationally Accredited as recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Non-regionally accredited course work will be reviewed for transfer credit based on an official transcript from the offering institution, as well as submission of a syllabus for each individual course for department or college evaluation.

Transferability of course work will be determined by the appropriate department or college and final credit awarded may be restricted both in number of units and in degree applicability.

To submit non-regionally accredited courses for evaluation, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Read the catalog policy on Non-Regionally Accredited Course Work
  2. Read the below Guidelines for Submissions
  3. Meet with an Academic Advisor and complete the FORM to determine if credit (two courses, not to exceed 10 units maximum), can be used in your degree plan
  4. Meet with a Program Coordinator in Transfer Credit & Articulation

Guidelines for Submissions

  • A syllabus must be submitted for each course
    • Each syllabus must include the following:
      • Learning objectives
      • Assessment/evaluation methods (exams, quizzes, etc.)
      • Schedule of topics covered and number of hours dedicated to each topic
      • A complete list of textbooks, supplemental materials, associated readings, etc.
  • An official transcript must be submitted