Arizona Transfer Students

There are a variety of resources for students transferring to The University of Arizona from a public community college or university within Arizona.

You can view course equivalencies from Arizona colleges here.

The UA is part of AZ Transfer, a statewide collaboration to help students navigate their higher education options in Arizona.

Please learn more about some of these opportunities below:

AZ Transfer Pathways

Arizona Transfer Pathway agreements outline sequenced curriculum in a 2+2 format between our AZ community college partners and the UA.

To view specific Pathways to the UA, visit the UA’s Degree Search site, select a degree, and click on the tab marked AZ Transfer Pathways.

Visit our Articulation Agreements page to view our partner institutions.


Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

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Reverse Transfer

You may be eligible to earn an associate’s degree from your Arizona community college from a combination of the course work that you completed at your community college and UA

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